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Welcome to Seattle Laptop's Laptop Screen Repair Portal : Seattle Laptop has been successfully repairing laptop screens for many years. We inventory all the more common screens, and carry hundreds of both new, and used laptop screens in stock. If we don't have a particular laptop screen, we can always special order and then install even the hardest to find laptop screens. Our price for screen replacement includes installation labor, and our screen replacement pricing is very competetive. 

Have you noticed that you can specify which type of screen you want when ordering a new laptop? Almost every laptop model is manufactured with more than one type of screen. In many cases these screens use different inverters, and possibly even different video cables. This is why technicieans would need to remove a laptop's screen to match it with a replacement in almost every case.

Please visit SeattleLaptop.com for more information about screen repair, and all other types of laptop service. We keep most screens in stock, and offer quick turn around, and the very best Laptop Service in the nation.






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